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"While Janine is a very successful and well known actor, I believe that she is a better speaker than actor. When she was acting, she was portraying someone else's words, thoughts and actions, but when speaking Janine is expressing her own ideas and thoughts, which are eloquent, energetic, and inspirational."

-Chris Joiner, President, HFMA Lone Star Chapter

"My wife and I were privileged to witness Ms. Turner’s presentation in St. Louis at the Working Women’s Survival Show. Filled with numerous ‘ah-ha’ and ‘wow’ moments, Ms. Turner’s engaging presentation took us down an interesting pathway of life and career lessons…an impactful ‘how-to’ on overcoming adversity.  And, she did so in a humble and vulnerable fashion which was…refreshing! We are implementing some of the anti-adversity mini-action plans Ms. Turner espoused. Time very well spent and we highly recommend!”  


- Scott & Martina Ragain, St. Louis, Missouri 

"The speech gave people chills; [she’s] the best speaker ever! Thanks so, so much! It was fantastic!!! It was fabulous!!! Janine is such a delight! Everyone loved her, she was quite the hit! Our donations in the room where double last year!!!"

-American Heart Association

"In discussing our fundraiser and speaker, Janine Turner, many board members spoke of the wonderful feedback they received from people who attended the event. I personally found her to be very approachable and down to earth. She was willing to accommodate us and the event in any way she could. The message she delivered on recovery was one of the best I have heard. Our agency would highly recommend Janine to speak at other events regarding the issue of recovery from substance abuse. Thank you."

-The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse

"After hearing Janine Turner speak, I felt inspired, touched, motivated and quite frankly in awe. Her speech was riveting."

-Anita Perry, First Lady of Texas

"She is an electrifying public speaker! If now or in the future belong to an organization that could use a positively dynamic speaker who brings vitality to the U.S. Constitution and the importance of bringing Civics lessons back into the classrooms ... Ms. Turner may be the spark for your community's school system and an entertaining refresher for adult education.  She's been making her presentation around the country trying to get the Constitution of the United States of America back into school systems. To say that I was impressed would be a significant understatement."

-David K. Darmstetter, Audience Member, Southlake, TX Business Breakfast

"Janine led our women through an inspirational and delightful evening! Her stories of courage and triumph spoke to the heart of each person in the audience. She is an eloquent speaker who gracefully uses humor to relate to her audience."

-Joy Roberson, Pastor for Women, White’s Chapel United Methodist Church

"Inspirational, funny, real, step-by-step recommendations from life experiences, informative, everything you want from a speaker! One of the best."

-'Cynthia Simms Page

I enjoyed your talk today at the AHA Go Red Luncheon... Your laugh was so uplifting. I wish I could have

 just bottled it up. Thank you for your time today.

- Joyce McCoy Sutherland, Audience Member, American Heart Association Go Red Luncheon

"I experienced Janine Turner speaking in person at an American Heart Association, Go Red For Women Event, in Longview Texas.  I got a faith based witty, smart conservative that was full of wisdom and humor on several topics, like personal interactions “don’t ever have a serious discussion if you are HALT, Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired, the result will not likely be good.  Or, "FEAR, "False ,Evidence, Acting, Real.”  There were truisms like, “Gratitude, My Attitude,” 80% of Success is Just Showing Up,” Don’t let anybody put out your flame," and related to forgiveness, “Clean up my side of the street and let everyone else go.” 

Wisdom, wit, humor… Janine Turner is the real deal."


-Dean Waskowiak, President, Encore Multimedia

"Leaving the speech on Sunday I felt inspired, touched, motivated, and—quite frankly—in awe of all that you manage to pack into a single day! Your speech was fantastic. Actually it was riveting. You are quite the Renaissance woman with your many interests. Kudos to you for speaking out and serving as an example not only for single parents, but all parents."

-PromiseLand West

“Janine Turner is a proud patriot. He father, Turner Gauntt, a graduate of West Point and an Air Force hero, was one of the first to fly Mach 2. She knows firsthand that our troops fight to protect our U.S. Constitution, which in turn protects our liberties, and her pride in her dad, and those who serve, shines bright in this won- derful and very personal book. Her tribute to her father, who recently passed, rivals the most moving of Hollywood screenplays.”

-Gary Sinise, actor, Forrest Gump and CSI: NY, The Gary Sinise Foundation

"Janine Turner captivated the crowd at Perkins School of Theology's Faith and Business Luncheon. Her candor, wit and sincerity formed a remarkable combination. Through her faith she unflinchingly met the trials of life and delighted in the joys. It was a remarkable session. We were pleased to have her at Southern Methodist University."

-John A. Martin Principal Gifts, Southern Methodist University and Director of Development Perkins School of Theology


"Like a modern-day Paul Revere, Janine Turner will keep spreading the word about our founding principles."

-Chris Wallace, FOX News Sunday

“Janine’s personal story is a powerful testament to the reality of long-term recovery from alcoholism, and her willingness to share this story publicly is both courageous and inspirational.”

-Greg Williams, Filmmaker: The Anonymous People

“Every now and then God creates a person with an exceptional combination of gifts. They have insight, commitment, courage, and faith. They see things we all need to see, and understand things we all need to understand. Janine Turner is just such a gift.”

-Monsignor Don Fischer, a Priest with the Diocese of Dallas, Pastoral Reflections Institute​​

“Wow ! What an exciting evening with Janine and Juliette. And on Columbus Day no less. Constituting America Rocks !! It was such an informative and memorable event. I have never seen so many hands go up at one time to answer questions about our U.S. Constitution. Truly Amazing ! Janine and Juliette made learning about our Constitution both fun and applicable to present day. They had our Scouts fully engaged and wanting more…a lot more! What I originally thought would be an enjoyable and interesting event for our Scouts, turned out to be that and A LOT more. Our Scouts were given both an opportunity and an invitation to become more involved in our country's governmental process through a much better understanding of our U.S. Constitution. I am so glad we made this event happen. I would highly recommend this program for schools, Scout groups, civic organizations, symposiums, businesses and much more.  Thanks again, Janine and Juliette! You’re the best.”

-Chris Osborn, Boy Scout Leader

“Samuel Beckett said it best: “All poetry is prayer.” In Janine Turner’s book, A Little Bit Vulnerable, she chronicles her amazing life through poetry, founding Constituting America, politics, Hollywood, God, the death of her father, and twenty-eight years of sobriety. We feel her fortitude as early as thirteen, echoing Ralph Waldo Emerson (If a man wants to build a carriage, let him, but just don’t let him for- get how to walk) and her awakening at twenty six (Like a racehorse Transcending


From the gallop Through the cantor To the trot; her inward angst turning outward with resolutions of what the Truth must be . . . that it runs further Than me). Like Emerson, Turner is a champion of individualism, aware of the constant battles mankind must face each day to stay sane, to hold on to tenderness. Her voice is of the young heart, yet philosophical, always reaching to find its way in a world tor- mented by a daily devil. We see a warrior; a defender of our American way of life; a woman whose inner beauty outshines even her Hollywood glamour. You will be moved by her extraordinary strength, her words rising like prayer in the modern rush; Emerson’s own quote, a perfect mantra: “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

-Karla K. Morton, 2010 Texas Poet Laureate

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